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Dubuque Police Department Launches P2C

Monday October 10, 2016 12:34pm

On Monday, October 10th, 2016, the Dubuque Police Department and its partner agencies, the Dubuque Fire Department, Dubuque County Sheriff’s Office, and Dubuque 911 Emergency Communications Center, launched a new website called Police to Citizen (P2C) (http://p2c.cityofdubuque.org/). P2C is an internet-based solution that allows citizens quick and easy access to general information on calls for service (including a mapping feature), police reports, recent arrests, & wanted individuals. In addition to accessing this information, citizens may also utilize several “recommended links” and an FAQ listing, both of which are available on the website’s homepage

Available data is not presented in “real time” but rather upon call completion or when other internal restrictions allow. Protected information of a medical nature, most juvenile information, and/or other sensitive information may be restricted in accordance with open record laws. Copies of public records will remain in the Dubuque Law Enforcement Center lobby for the time being, but may be phased out as the P2C project progresses. Due to website limitations when accessed on smartphones, P2C is best utilized on a personal computer, laptop, or tablet.

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