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Two Rescued after Fall in Mineshaft

Saturday October 15, 2016 6:39pm

Two Rescued after Fall in Mineshaft

On 10/15/16 at approximately 01:26 A.M. officers of the Dubuque Police Department responded to North Grandview Ave. near Bunker Hill Golf Course/Pet Park after receiving a third party report that two subjects were trapped in a mine shaft and one was injured.

Officers arrived on scene and were directed to a storm drain the subjects used to access the mine shaft.  Officers entered the storm drain and were able locate the subjects at the end of a long tunnel.  They were identified as 28 year old Dallas Julian Blake, of 886 Tatum St. St. Paul, MN and 23 year old Madeleine Rae Fiksdal, 3615 Nottingham Dr. NW Rochester.  Fiksdal sustained multiple injuries from a fall.  

Dubuque Fire Department personnel arrived on scene and were able to extract Fiksdal and Blake as well as two officers who also could not get out.  Fisksdal was transported to Finley Hospital by ambulance.  Blake was arrested for Trespass.

The officers were not injured.