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2014-02-21 ScanDBQ Winter Photo Contest

Voting has ended. Thank you to all that participated!

A Bridge to my Winter Wonderland - Amanda Hansen

Experiencing My First Snowfall! - Angie Ries

Winter Driving - Tim Jelinek

Jacob's First Snow in Louisiana - Lisa Jones

Church Frost - Stephen Gassman

First Nice Day, First Time in the Snow! - Rachel Weis

The Falls - Kent

My Drive to Work - Lynne Loete

The Forgotten Barn - Joe Feyen

Tufted Titmouse Birds Eye View - Susie Williams

Snow Family Fun in the Sun - Meg Recker

Beautiful Day for a Walk - Christine Tott

A Long Winters Nap - Matt Puccio

Best Snow Removal Rates In Town! - John Sessions

Nuthatch with Sunflower Seed - Pamela Brandt

Frost Magic - Beth Kaiser

Frosty Days - M. Gleason

Sharing The Love - KMADavis

Snow Dog Of A Winter - Trissi Tapley

It Snowed Again! - Melissa Okey

A Solitary Winter's Walk - Barb Tucker

Now this would be a real Polar Plunge - Karen Kuhle

Annual Winter Camping Trip - Jamie Mayne

Blizzard on Main - Stephonie A Schmitz

Snow Storm hits the Town Clock - Bob Felderman

Mount Salty Dubuque - Garth Fuerste

Survival - Dan Kennedy

Welcome to the Deep Arctic of Iowa - Sarah Schirmer

Morning Sunrise - Mitchell Rubie

Winter Morning - Teresa Moyer

A Snowy Snack - Jessica Schmitt

Wylie Enjoying a Nice Day - Alicia Miller

Sundog - Trey Atkinson

Long Winter - Diann Binninger

Snow Cute - Heather Goetzinger

Big Thompson Canyon Colorado - Lynda Dreibelbis

Fire and Ice - Dena Harris

Frosty Morning - Joe Schlickman

No Picnic In the Park - Stephanie Beck

Snow? I Love Snow! - Victoria Vivian

My Friend Frosty - Rose Kramer

The Snow is Too Deep - Melissa Distler

Frozen Escape - Amber Gerhardt

Just Another Winters Day - Lori Junk

Red Barn - Steven Schleuning

Frozen in Time - Abigail Ferguson

Winter Friends - Michele Evers

Winter on Central Avenue - Kent

The Snow is Falling... Winter Wonderland! - Rachel Puccio

Winter Barn - Laurie Helling

Winter Sunset Over The Farm - Bradley Ware

Winter Rainbow - Melissa Schute

The Sky is on Fire While the Ground is Frozen - Tracy Lynn Harry

Sunny Winter Day - Michelle Boyer

Snow Line Highway at Least 10ft High - Alison Hodge

Christmas Dawn - Nathan Roling

May the Force Be With You - Nancy Stahl

Morning Commute - Jocelyn Appelman

Through Baby's Eyes - Deb P

Winter Tree - Kevin Stevens

Morning Frost - Michaela Uptegraph

Winter Shadows - Lisa Esch

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