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Latest Dubuque News
September 14th - 20th is Child Passenger Safety Week

As part of Child Passenger Safety Week (September 14th-20th), the Dubuque Police would like to remind parents/guardians of the following safety recommendations:
Keep children rear-facing as long as possible (experts recommend at least 2 years of age)

  • Children under 13 should ride in the backseat when possible.
  • Children should remain in a booster seat until they are 4’09” tall.
  • All children under 18 must be properly restrained, regardless of seating position in the vehicle.
  • Never position a child passenger safety seat in front of an active airbag.
  • Make sure your child passenger safety seat is registered immediately after purchase.
  • Thoroughly read the owner’s manual for both the seat and the section in read more...
Dubuque Dispute Resolution Center Open
DUBUQUE, Iowa -- The Dubuque Dispute Resolution Center (DDRC) is a community mediation program coordinated by the City of Dubuque Human Rights Department and staffed by community volunteers who have received training in basic mediation skills.On Monday, Sept. 15, an article appeared in the Telegraph Herald with the headline “Dubuque Dispute Resolution Center Closes.”  While the DDRC is facing challenges, as noted in the article, the center has not closed and this service is stil read more...
Identity Released in Shooting Investigation
On September 10th, 2014, at 12:32 p.m. Dubuque Police responded to several reports of a man injured in the 1600 block of White Street. Upon arrival, officers located the man and verified he had been shot in the leg. He was transported to Mercy Hospital for treatment. Officers and investigators believe an altercation developed on the second floor of 1628 White Street and culminated in the shooting. He then fled the building and out into the street while the other subjects involved fled the scene read more...
Shooting Investigation Ongoing
On September 10th, 2014, at 12:32 p.m. Dubuque Police responded to several reports of a man injured in the 1600 block of White Street.  Upon arrival, officers located the man and verified he had been shot in the leg.  He was transported to Mercy Hospital for treatment and his injury is not life-threatening.  Officers and investigators on scene believe an altercation developed somewhere inside 1628 White Street and culminated with the man being shot.  He then fled the building read more...
Recent Scam Fraud Activity Reported in Dubuque
Dubuque Police continue to receive numerous complaints of attempted (and sometimes successful) scams in the area. Recent examples include a relatively new activity often called “cracking cards”. The schemer(s) put stolen, counterfeit, or closed account/insufficient funds checks in bank accounts belonging to other people (usually via ATM deposit). They then “borrow” the cardholder’s debit card and PIN to withdraw money from the account, usually promising the cardhold read more...
Flashing Yellow Left Turn Arrow Traffic Signals Introduced to Dubuque Streets
DUBUQUE, Iowa – Dubuque motorists may have noticed a new type of signal added to two traffic lights on Ninth Street as part of recent construction projects. The flashing yellow left-turn arrow signal is a new traffic management tool aimed at keeping traffic moving, increasing safety, and reducing fuel consumption. The new signals were installed at the intersections of Ninth and Locust and Ninth and White streets in Dubuque and are being added to intersections across Iowa. The new signal f read more...
City Amends Sidewalk Ordinance
DUBUQUE, Iowa – On Sept. 2, Dubuque City Council members amended a section of City of Dubuque ordinance addressing sidewalk repair and liability. The amended ordinance shifts financial liability to property owners in most cases when people are injured as the result of a defective sidewalk. Prior to the amendment, the City was able to delegate responsibility for sidewalk repair to the abutting property owner by ordinance, but not delegate liability to the abutting property owner for failur read more...
New Waste Receptacles Deployed on Central Avenue
DUBUQUE, Iowa -- Through a partnership between the Washington Neighborhood Development Corporation (WNDC) and the City of Dubuque, five new trash and recycling receptacles are being installed along Central Avenue this afternoon at the following locations:22nd & Central (SE Corner)20th & Central (NE Corner)18th & Central (NW Corner)16th & Central (NW Corner)14th & Central (NE Corner)A committee of Washington Neighborhood businesses has been meeting monthly to plan ways to addr read more...

Local arrests for Dubuque Iowa entered into the Arrest Database in the last 7 days.
This is a list of arrests, not convictions, and all arrestees are presumed innocent unless or until proven guilty in a court of law.

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